22 days in the Ice – Baltic Winter passes Northern Sea Route

3. November 2017


Alle News, Jahr 2017


The voyage lasted 22 days at least. With an average speed of 15 knots our Baltic Winter passed the NSR from Cina via Russia to Germany successfully. Instead taking the much longer trip southbound via Suez Canal we decided to use the short time frame northbound.

Conditions were good and due to the high ice class no problem for our nice lady.

The voyage started in Shanghai after loading end of September and was finished in Bremerhaven / Germany last week.

As you can see on the pictures there were some nice moments with ice foxes, ice bears and ice mountains luckily some distance away. No any ice breakers were needed.

Our Captain was on board since June and made the whole voyage round the whole Eurasian Continent: It was from Argentina – Brazil – Germany – Netherlands – Spain – Suez Canal – Indonesia – China – Russia – Germany – Netherlands in one-piece!

Congratulation for this great performance! Heino Winter Team wishes a all the best to the crew and always a safe trip.


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