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25. Januar 2017


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As part of the internal digitalisation strategy and for a more efficient and effective management of our vessels, we decided to integrate all modules of the Cloud Fleet Manager from Hanseaticsoft.

This enables all departments to work in a more structured way and to reduce workload at the same time. Relevant information will be available to all internal as well as external employees. We are especially convinced by the provision of one central information and communication platform. For every department there is a matching module in which all department-specific data is gathered. Having a real time overview of all processes is especially beneficial for management level. Furthermore, the Cloud Ship Manager (CSM) integrates the fleet and the crew on board into all processes thus enabling them to react fast to corrective actions and easily enter data into the modules of the system.
Due to the automatic synchronisation of the data between vessel and shore, we can assure that we always work with the correct and latest data. This can simplify the management of modern shipping companies enormously.

For a stronger integration of external personnel, especially the Partner Portal will reduce additional work. Partners and suppliers will be integrated directly into the company’s processes. This is made possible by granting them access to specific areas of the CFM modules – enabling them to access relevant data within the CFM without the need of manually requesting information via telephone or email. Moreover, the CFM Purchase module will play a big role in the future.

The integration of the engineering office Heino Winter and purchasing department via API enables us to expedite the order process drastically and reduce complexity simultaneously. Further modules of the CFM will be used for the fleet’s inspection, the chartering of vessels as well as the assortment and administration of the crew. Focus in all these departments is the reduction of additional work and the increase of efficiency and data quality.Auch die Reederei Heino Winter nutzt jetzt den Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM)

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